For our foreign visitors


We, at Minimono, are specialized in rethinking, redesigning en re-doing public spaces. We also love designing and producing beautiful and sustainable products. One of the first (price-winning) designs is a flexible placeable and removable kiosk for the ‘city centre 3.0’. We call it the Minimono Upsta. The design is archetypal in which sustainable bamboo is combined with extremely strong composite parts for their formability.

Marcel Kolder, director-owner: ‘Small pavilions have all but disappeared from the Dutch streetscape, even though they contribute to diversity and atmosphere. With this in mind, I designed a moveable kiosk that still has the same feel as a durable building. It is placed within half an hour; it’s plug-and-play. As window-shopping for an online store, a temporary festival pavilion, an affordable start-up store or mini brand store. The three production prototypes are already being leased by different customers. Broad crowdfunding now starts here. In the meantime I keep on developing. For instance, the Christian Agricultural University of Applied Sciences in Flevoland is developing a colourful and eco-friendly bee landing roof!’


Over Kanteldenker

25 jaar ondernemer, scherp inzicht en kan snel situaties doorgronden, gedreven in het ontwikkelen van nieuwe concepten en ze uitvoeren. Strategisch inzicht, is goed in staat mensen te motiveren en te enthousiasmeren. Een maatschappelijk doener en maakondernemer met open mind en visie waarbij mens & omgeving centraal staan.

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